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About Institution

The Medical Rehabilitation Center "Shayan" of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is one of the best recreational institutions of the gastroenterological profile. Located in the Transcarpathian region at the foot of the Mountains of Big, Middle and Small Shayana on the left bank of the Tis.
In the medical rehabilitation center "Shayan" patients with the following deseases: gastroenterological, urological and endocrinological profiles are theated in the Center.
For treatment, mineral waters of two types are used: "Arkhyz - No. 4" and "Arkhyz - №242".
MRC "Shayan" provides its vacationer full range of diagnostic surveys (biochemical blood test, general blood test with formula, general urine analysis, determination of blood glucose, ultrasound examination of organs, FDHS, ECG, duodenal probing) and therapeutic procedures (mineral baths, hydromassage baths , pearl baths, intestinal irrigation, microclides, hydrocolonotherapy, leaf, massage, ozoceno-paraffin applications, electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, diodinamo-therapy, ultrasound, microwave therapy, mineimulation, pressotherapy, inhalation, hydromassage gums, oxygen-single mixture , Tubaj, Electroson, Speletocamera), a wide range of recreation services (holidays, ternscours, excursions in historical and local history places Transcarpathia). 
The center employs a timeless medical procedure registration system, in the dining room, holidaymakers are served on the menu - the order, feed according to diets, is an integral part of the treatment.
The healing factor of the balneological resort is the mineral water "Arkhyz", which is carbon dioxide-hydrocarbonate-sodium medium mineralization and calcium, silicon, zinc and others impurities.
The healing base of the center is represented by physiotherapy, balneological and diagnostic departments.
Using medical practice, the combination of physiotherapy procedures and therapeutic physical education was enacted by the Health Pain Program - the treatment of the muscular system, the "ideal figure" - the weight loss program, and the family health program "Health and well-being".
The laboratory is provided by an automated hematological analyzer, and semi-automatic biochemical equipment, which allows for analyzes in the shortest possible time and provide a qualitative approach to treating and preventing diseases.
These innovations significantly improve the effectiveness of the rehabilitation of participants in the elimination of the consequences of Chernobyl ABC, the disabled of the Second World War, employees of the internal affairs bodies and vacationers..

Indications for treatment in a medical rehabilitation center
Gastroenterological profile diseases:

  • Chronic hyperacid gastritis, as well as stored secretion with a violation of the motor-evacuator function of the stomach outside the exacerbation phase.
  • Ulcerative disease of the stomach and the 12th of the rosary, the phase of remission.
  • Screwstroceracted (dumping) syndrome in the compensation stage, subcompensation.
  • Functional disorder of the stomach with a violation of a secretory and motor-evacuation function without phenomena of pronounced gastritis.
  • Chronic colitis and enterocolites of different etiology, outside the exacerbation phase.
  • Reflucesezophagitis light and moderate severity outside the exacerbation.
  • Dyskinesia of the biliary tract and gallbladder.
  • Chronic cholecystitis.
  • Cholecystitis with a yellow-stone disease.
  • Chronic persistent hepatitis.
  • Reconvoles after viral hepatitis.
  • Chronic pancreatitis.

Urological profile diseases:

  • Chronic pyelonephritis (primary, secondary) in the remission.
  • Chronic (primary, secondary) cystitis in the remission.
  • Urolithiasis and urinary diathesis.

Diseases of the endocrinological profile:

  • Diabetes.
  • Obesity.

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